High-Torque Shredders

Available In:

600 HP
Max Horsepower

Powerful Productivity & Efficiency For The Big Jobs

The 600-horsepower Badger shredder is your best choice for the big jobs, including onsite concrete, demolition materials, bio-waste, and general material reduction. Our machines meet the ever-demanding needs of our customers. They are available with magnetic separators, dust suppression systems, lights, wifi diagnostics, and blade configurations specific to your job site needs. With models that are mobile, semi-stationary, stationary, diesel or electric, there is a Badger for every need.
B600 Badger Shredder

Standard Technical Specifications

Standard Diesel Engine

EngineVolvo D16 Stage IV / Tier 4F600HP

Chamber Specs

Standard Shredding Chamber dimensions 56″ x 96″
No. of Shafts 2 each
Standard Number of Blades per Shaft 12 per shaft
Cutting elements per blade 2 each
Shaft/Blade RPM 12 – 17 RPM

Machine Specs

Machine Length in Operating mode 48′
Width of Belt 48″
Dumping Height 10′
Overall Unit Height 11’ 3”
Overall Unit Width 10’ 4”

One Machine

Many Missions

Engineered rugged and tough from the inside out, Badger shredders reduce larger abrasive materials than any crusher in its class with more efficiency and throughput. Designed with exclusive reconfigurable shaft blades, the Badger provides versatility that no other crusher can match. Its high-torque, low-speed shaft design can be configured to shred whatever your job demands. And, it shreds with less noise pollution and dust than ever before.


Superior Quality

Fabricated from high-strength steel structural tubing, plate, and channel sections, the Badger features a high-quality and robust machine frame. High-strength steel blades and heavy-duty conveyors lead to a machine that takes abuse and runs longer with less downtime.

Customization Options

Equiped To Fit Your Needs


Badger pioneered the ability for operators to replace and/or reconfigure their blade shafts for any shredding need. That’s versatility others can’t touch.


The Badger’s unique shredding action produces less airborne particles than competitive designs. Reducing worker exposure to unhealthy and sometimes toxic airborne particles is an important preventative measure.

Iindustrial-Sized Hopper

The Badger’s oversized hopper increases capacity and throughput, creating greater job site efficiency and reducing the need to double handle materials.

Magnetic Seperation System

Available with a permanent self-cleaning high-strength magnet, the Badger’s separation system efficiently removes steel (or ferrous) material from the debris and is adjustable for your job site needs.

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Badgers are tested and proven in real-world conditions and harsh extremes.

Durability & Reliability

Engineered to provide unmatched shredding performance your jobsite can rely on.

Improved Engineering

Manufactured in the USA to deliver superior production advantages & greater ROI.


Changing the way the industry applies heavy equipment technology - from efficiency to safety.

Application Versatility »

The Badger twin shaft, slow speed, high torque shredding machine represents a new evolution in recycling. By incorporating innovative new-to-market features and benefits, Badger has the versatility to shred more types and sizes of materials than anyone else.